about the socks

with the inadvertent decline of our day to day work as photographers, we found ourselves itching to be creative. we'd been reminded of tie dye online and reminisced about our childhood and how much fun it was to take otherwise ordinary clothes and turn them into something lively.  

those thoughts paired with an abnormal amount of free time at home has lead us to transform the look of our usual sweatsuit attire. 

after sharing some of our creations online and receiving a great response, we decided to make our socks  available to everyone!
with each pair sold we've decided to donate 15% of the proceeds to a local artist (selected by YOU!) who's been affected by the results of Covid-19. 

about us

we are Erin Leydon and Mitch Syer. 

we are photographers.

we are a couple.

we are based in Toronto, ON. 

we're just doing this for fun!

Purchase a pair! 

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