I'm Erin,

A Toronto based photographer specializing primarily in lifestyle, weddings, and portraiture. I graduated from OCADU with a major in Photography in 2012 and have pursued it not only as a passion, but as a career ever since. My style is a reflection of what inspires me; whether it be a vast landscape, a subtle expression on a subjects face, or delicate light casting the perfect shadow. I approach everything I shoot with the intention of telling a story with my own personal touch. My goal is to continue providing a candid approach to the classic standard.

And, if you're inquiring about a wedding, meet my second half...

We're a team!

Our weddings are a product of two people and we prefer it that way. We come as a pair. In addition to Mitch regularly taking the lead on the post-processing of our shoots, he also supplies us with alternate angles that oftentimes go unseen. We'll stop at nothing to get the photos you're looking for (the must-haves) and we'll even get the ones you didn't know you were looking for (the to-die fors). We hope that our relationship with each other will bring a sense of comfort to the time you're spending in front of our cameras.        

Can't wait to meet you!

•    •    •

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